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Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 Ramadhan Bazaars in KL You Must Check Out

10 Ramadhan Bazaars in KL You Must Check Out
There's no shortage of exciting Ramadhan bazaars in the Klang Valley with their plethora ofmouth-watering delicacies come every year. In fact, almost every other neighbourhood will see an evening market popping up to attract and entice fasting crowds to spend on delicious foods for buka puasa.

While the likes of Bangsar, Kampung Baru, and TTDI comfortably draws in the crowds without breaking sweat, there are many other equally busy and stirring bazaars doing brisk business and worthy of a visit. The HungryGoWhere team made it a mission this fasting month to check out a bunch of other Ramadhan bazaars within KL that are similarly appealing to the foodies in all of us, in an effort to present more choices to all KL folks. Here's 10 you absolutely have to check out while the holy month of Ramadhan is in full swing.

Kampung Sungai Penchala

Take the Sungai Penchala exit off Penchala Link from 4pm onwards and you’ll be in Ramadhan bazaar territory right away. You’ll be greeted by streams of cars and motorcycles parked along the kerb, and plenty more looking for parking spaces in the vicinity of our favourite nasi campur hideout - Sambal Hijau. There are at least 30 stalls here plying their trade, catering to large crowds in search of delicious food to bring home in time to break fast.

Putu piring - a traditional kuih that's good for anytime!
Shahmie occupies one of the larger canopies offering juicy cuts of lamb (lamb set at RM13) and nasi briyani (from RM8), but make sure you are there early or the lamb carcass is all that will be left. If however, you are out of luck, head over to Murtabak Beratur at the entrance of the open lot where there’s a perpetual queue lining up for thick slabs of chicken and beef murtabaks (RM3.50).

Showing up late meant that carcasses were all that's left

A peculiar sign that caught our attention said “ice cream ketam”, but that turned out to be just crab balls, rather than crab-infused ice cream.

Oh crab! How we wished they were actual crab-flavoured ice cream!

Taman SuntexFind yourself stranded in Cheras? Then make Taman Suntex in Batu 9 Cheras your foodie destination.The usually sleepy stretch of Jalan Kijang comes alive every evening with throngs of fasting folks in search of piping hot, mouth-watering food to be consumed come Iftar. Naturally where there’s good food to be found, you can be sure it’ll attract Malaysians from all walks of life.

Murtabak sellers across the board offers chicken or beef
Char kway teow is a popular item here, and this much is evident judging by the long queues crowding around over-sized hot woks waiting for their orders. A number of different char kway teow sellers offer their noodles in both dry and wet (char kway teow basah) varieties, leaving you spoilt for choice.

Char kway teow galore!
No Ramadhan bazaar is ever complete without satay, and Taman Suntex’s juicy, well-marinated meat skewers (from 70 sen per stick) will do well to satisfy your buka puasa hunger. 

Chicken, lamb, beef - the whole gang's here for a feast!

Susur Wisma Suhati Segambut
Many KLites are unaware that Segambut is in very close vicinity to the likes of Publika. So if you find yourself in the hip shopping centre cum art space in the evening, a short drive will take you to Segambut, and more pertinently, its Ramadhan bazaar.

Busy and crowded, Segambut's just an earshot away from the likes of Publika and Hartamas
As with all bazaars, be prepared to be greeted by a very lively and boisterous atmosphere with plenty of smoke owing to various grilling practices taking place and loud calls hollering you to patronise their foods and beverages.You must stop by Kitti’s Roti John Mabelesss in spite of the long queue of patient customers waiting for their orders of beef, chicken, sardine, and tuna to be fulfilled. Needless to say, the roti John was marvelous.

Just so you know, "mabelesss" means marvelous!
How about penyet to buka puasa? Andi’z have got your cravings sorted with more than the usual ayam penyet (smashed chicken, RM6) with catfish (RM5) and quail (RM7) proving popular choices to the masses.

Andi'z will ensure that you get a smashing good meal!

Stadium Shah Alam

Head west to Shah Alam if getting stuck in the notorious downtown KL peak hour traffic is not how you'd like to buka puasa. One of the largest Ramadhan bazaars this side of town, expect dozens of stalls to be fully set up by 4 o'clock in the evening as they prepare for waves after waves of customers arriving in droves.

Boxes of nasi ayam percik ready to be taken home

Being located in the stadium's car park means that conditions can get hot and sweaty, and this is exacerbated by all the smoking and grilling emanating from the various ayam percik traders (not that we're complaining). Each serving of ayam percik costs RM7 on average and certain traders will even include nasi putih or nasi tomato at an extra cost.

Hot and humid weather at the Stadium

If the heat proves to be too overwhelming, chill out by packing home tubs of taufufah flavoured with either rose syrup or pandan for that familiar refreshing taste.

Pandan and rose syrup-flavoured bean curd dessert

Pelangi Damansara

If you’re in the Kota Damansara neighbourhood and looking for your favourite foods to buka puasa, look no further than Pelangi Damansara. MRT construction along Persiaran Surian may cause traffic to occasionally backlog from Ikea, but thankfully this short stretch of stalls located directly across from Houz Depot has more than enough tasty varieties to make the journey worthwhile.

Situated along the trunk road and near Medan Selera Pelangi Damansara

Favourites at this Ramadan bazaar include the nasi campur stalls, myriad of kuih-muih stalls, and its roti John. These are staples that all good bazaars absolutely must have.

Roti John ready for your buka puasa pleasure

If you’ve ever taken a quick glance and found the abundance of colourful beverages too bizarre, we can safely say that soda lemon blue, tembikai susu (watermelon with milk), and sirap selasih (red syrup with basil seeds) in their respective blue, green, and red hues are worthy of a try – at least once in your lifetime!

There's always sugar cane juice if you don't believe us!

The Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara bazaar down the road might be more popular, but you’ll only be exposing yourself to more traffic inconvenience by heading deeper into this part of town along with hordes of food-seekers. For this reason alone, Pelangi Damansara would be a great alternative.
Pekan Sungai Besi

Our HungryGoWhere team discovered a newfound Ramadhan bazaar favourite in Pekan Sungai Besi over the weekend. This little township with 40 to 50 stalls caught our attention while we were on the lookout for buka puasa food and is worthy of a visit at least once during this Ramadhan season for anyone who has never been there.

Pekan Sungai Besi - a Ramadhan bazaar hidden gem

Break fast with their joyful selection of delightful and colourful drinks, from Mocha Manja and Tiramisu I Love U to Horlick Baby and Coklat Cinta. Cappuccino Love U (RM2) turned out to be supremely rich and undiluted, although it is incomparable to your regular cuppa at your favourite café.

When Ramadhan rolls into town, expect a plethora of odd and unique food and beverage items

Follow this up with some tasty appetisers in the form of squishy takoyaki balls (RM4.50), kuih (RM0.50 each), and popiah (five for RM4). One unusual dish that you must absolutely buy is the roti jala and murtabak hybrid – rotijabak! Mr. Rosli’s version (chicken at RM2 and beef at RM2.50) is much sought after and be prepared to queue for them.

Glorious rotijabak that everyone needs to get their hands on!

Bandar Baru Sentul

Another popular bazaar that’s within an earshot of KL city centre is located in Bandar Baru Sentul. Look out for the Mini UTC Sentul building, and you won’t miss the 40 odd stalls that border the complex.

A frenzy pace at Bandar Baru Sentul's Ramadhan bazaar

Nasi lemak stalls appear to be the dominant traders here with large crowds jostling for standing room in pursuit of the juiciest fried chicken, sambal sotong, and gulai daging to go with their fragrant coconut rice; a packet of nasi lemak with all of the above set us back RM8.

Nasi campur, anyone?

The unusual eats we discovered at Sentul included the likes of murtabak Maggi (RM3), macaroni bakar (RM3) as well as durian crepes similar to what we encountered during our sojourn into Johor recently.

Macaroni bakar tastes as awesome as it looks!


Coast down the DUKE highway and make your way to Melawati (that's near Zoo Negara) for specialty dishes!

One unique dish that you'll find in Melawati is the ayam tempayan (RM18 for a whole chicken). The entire bird is hung on the sides of a heated clay pot similar to a tandoor. The skin was nicely seasoned, although the flesh turned out rather bland, but was balanced by a sweet and peppery sauce.

Juicy ayam tempayan from Melawati

The most popular stall is probably Botak Ikan Bakar, famous for his grilled lobster which is entirely dependent on availability of stock. But fear not, staples like fish, cockles, squid, and prawns are still on the menu (prices range from RM13 to RM50).

Tasty birds hanging on a wire, above the cauldron

Wangsa Maju

One advantage the Wangsa Maju Ramadhan bazaar has over other popular markets is its proximity to the LRT line. Just alight at Wangsa Maju LRT, cross the street and head towards the low-rise flats. Of course, you could easily just follow the aromatic trail of glorious Ramadhan food!

Pick up a pair of tongs and go crazy with the selection of traditional kuih available – kuih lapis, puteri ayu, kuih jagung, kuih bakar, and the list goes on. At 50 sen a piece, mix and match to your heart’s content!

Want something savoury instead? Then allow us to introduce you to murtabak Maggi, where street food favourites Maggi goreng and murtabak combine to become a Maggi-nificent dish! Steaming hot fried instant noodles are wrapped up inside the oily murtabak dough, making it a super delicious snack.

What a glorious mess! Murtabak Maggi is all the rage right now

Several traders have also taken full advantage of the current durian season by offering durian goreng (RM5 for four) – rich, pungent durian flesh battered and deep-fried into golden delicious durian fritters. Durian lovers, take note!

Durian fritters are seeded, but this won't hold back durian lovers


Similar to the likes of Segambut and Sentul, many people tend to forget that Kepong is not far away from the city centre at all. Here at HungryGoWhere, we like to think that you up your chances of being gastronomically rewarded if you’re willing to venture beyond your comfort zones in pursuit of your favourite Ramadhan delicacies.

The centre of Ramadhan bazaar activity takes place on Jalan Prima 5 in Metro Prima – the same street which houses Maybank and OCBC making it convenient for you to withdraw more moolah should you spend it all on your favourite foods.

Nasi campur is a mainstay at every Ramadhan bazaar

Speaking of favourite foods, nasi berlauk can be found in abundance here and our packet consisting of a large portion of rice, ikan goreng, kangkung belacan, and kerang sambal came up to RM7.50 which we gleefully devoured after we took it home.

More dishes than you can ever contemplate devouring - that's why we absolutely love buka puasa feasts!

For dessert, we took away an entire kuih bakar pandan (RM4) that went down very well with a glass of hot teh tarik.

An entire cake of spongy kuih bakar you can share with your family and friends 


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