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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Activity Date Ideas

by Samurai Jack

When it comes to the romance factor, Kuala Lumpur does not exude that dreamy charm of French-kissing couples in Paris nor does it bring us anywhere close to gliding through the canals of magical Venice. However, it possesses a unique charm and is filled with fun ‘coupley’ things to do. You don’t even have to fork out a whole load of moolah to impress a date or have a good and memorable time.

SkyTrex Adventure

If your date is sporty, outgoing and not afraid of heights, this is the perfect activity that both can enjoy and at the same time put your agility to a test.

Located within the forest reserve of Bukit Cahaya in Shah Alam is Malaysia’s first canopy obstacle course, SkyTrex Adventure. Participants go through a circuit of adrenaline pumping challenges, crossing from tree to tree and zooming down at exhilarating speeds on the flying fox.

There are three courses to choose from catering to various skill levels. ‘Little Adventure’ is for light weight thrill-seekers, featuring a short and easy course. But really guys, leave this one to the kids. ‘Big Thrill’ packs a little more challenge and takes participants through a longer course higher up the canopy. ‘Extreme Challenge’ is an excellent opportunity to show off your macho side as you fearlessly cruise through the obstacles, or wrap your arms around your intimated partner while confidently reassuring her safety.

Kuala Selangor Fireflies

For the romantic at heart, a ride down Kuala Selangor river is all it takes for a romantic interlude or to re-ignite a dwindling flame in your relationship. Only 60km north of Kuala Lumpur, this place is best visited during the first night of the Chinese lunar calendar. You and your date will be treated to a spectacle of twinkling green lights as you cruise down the river into the darkness. This Christmas-tree phenomenon is caused by the elusive fireflies (locally known as ‘kelip-kelip’), which take part in flamboyant flashing displays to attract potential mates. It is easy to fall into a hypnotic trance observing the beautiful blinking lights or imagine that the entire universe belongs to just the both of you. This trip takes sappiness to the max!

Arts Fest at KLPAC

Going to the movies is an affordable and entertaining date activity all couples enjoy. Why not try something different and impress your date with your appreciation for arts and culture by taking her to a performance at the KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre)? This delightful venue boasts a rich assortment of theatrical performances by local and foreign talents. Operas, orchestras, plays, stand up comedy and contemporary dance are some of the artsy showcases you can choose from.

Before the show, take a romantic stroll through the enchanting garden landscapes of Sentul Park, where KLPAC is located. Then enjoy the rest of the evening immersed in creative and inspirational life performances.

Day out at FRIM

Dating an eco advocate? Let your nature-loving qualities shine through by suggesting to spend a beautiful day outdoors. FRIM Forest Research Institute Malaysia) covers 600 hectares of tropical rainforest and houses approximately 15,000 species of flora. Although originally set up as a research centre for botanical research, it is also open to the general public and is a popular place for picnics, camping and forest hikes. Don’t worry about the place being overcrowded as it is well spread out with lush green fields, jungle treks, nature trails, waterfalls and also a canopy walk.

After a long day exploring, stop over for an afternoon snack of traditional desserts and herbal teas at the Malay Tea House. If you really want to make it a memorable date, fill a picnic basket with her favourite foods, pick a nice shady spot and lay out the blanket. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of bubbly and fresh strawberries – a perfect finish to a perfect afternoon!

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